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List of the best sports channels that have bagged top viewer ratings!

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In today’s world, each and every person likes one or the other sport that they follow and love playing as well. There are a lot of famous games that are played all around the world and organize big titles, championships, tournaments, etc. on the international circuit as well as on the national level. Some of the most popular games played in the world are Football, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, and much more.

The people are crazy about their favorite sport and some people follow these sports as if they worship them. To catch all these sports, you need to have a subscription to some of the best sports channels available in your region so that you can watch your desirable matches. This is the reason why we here are providing you a list of the top sports channels viewed all over the globe.

Sky Sports

This sports channel is the certified name that has been given to the bunch of channels that have been directed solely towards the broadcasting sports in the United Kingdom and the nearby regions in Europe. Sky Sports is United Kingdom’s primary satellite pay TV sports channel. This channel is exclusively accountable for getting some status as well as the income for the British sports which mostly includes the famous English Premier League and the Ashes together with more cricket tournaments that have been played in the Great Britain. This channel is also the broadcaster of the popular and hugely followed live matches of WWE events that are organized all over the world.

Star Sports

Star Sports is a cable sports channel that has been hosted and co-owned by ESPN Network and the Star group. The broadcast of this sports channel is done largely in the Asia-Pacific countries such as India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. This is an equivalent joint scheme of the News Corporation group and the well-recognized Walt Disney Company. The sister sports channel, which is set up by this group all over the globe is ESPN Asia, Star Cricket etc.

Star Sports

Fox Sports

The Fox Sports Regional Networks is a compilation of the channels broadcasting sports by means of the cable expertise in the nations covered in North America. They are the channels that are solely possessed by the News Corporation. There is moreover a venture in this sports channel by the Fox Entertainment Company by which it has derived its title from. This sports channel is televised mostly in one language that is American English.

fox sports

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